Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan bans forced marriage of women in Afghanistan

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The Taliban has issued a decree prohibiting forced marriage in Afghanistan, stating that women should not be considered “property” and must consent to marriage. And it has been pretty clear that the new regime has been making rapid changes in the implementation of Sharia. Contrary to claims by the Western media, the status of women has improved immensely with regards to safety although progress is yet to be seen with education and employment.

Hibatullah Akhunzada, the Taliban’s supreme leader, issued the proclamation from Kandahar, Afghanistan’s southern metropolis, on Friday. The edict stated that “both (men and women) are to be equal” and that “no one can coerce or pressure women to marry.”

Forced weddings have become more widespread in the poor, tribal country, as internally displaced people marry off their young daughters for a bride price that may be used to settle debts and feed their family. For decades, women in Afghanistan were viewed as a means of exchanging blood money or settling disputes or tribal feuds. The Taliban has officially said that they are opposed to the practice.

The edict made no mention of the prior minimum age for marriage, which was set at 16 years old. According to the group, a widow will also be entitled to remarry 17 weeks after her spouse’s death, with the opportunity to choose her new husband. According to the Taliban leadership, Afghan courts must treat women equitably, particularly widows seeking inheritance as next of kin. The group, which took power in August, also stated that it has requested government officials to raise public awareness about women’s issues.

This edict has received support from human rights and women’s rights groups around the world, but it has also been met with disproportionately more suspicion – bringing up the question of women’s education and employment. This demonstrates that, no matter how much the new regime appeases them in order to gain international recognition, it will not satisfy the oligarchs seeking the approval of its gullible populace unless there is either an unequivocal endorsement and proliferation of their dogma or a complete rebuttal and refocusing of the issue on the flaws of their beliefs and ideals.

The connection between feminism and corporate society is very well known which has been a very hot topic in recent days which has led to many controversies in various online circles.

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