No-Confidence in the No-Confidence Motion. Imran Khan needs support!

Life under threat by malicious foreign forces says Prime Minister Imran Khan


On 7th of March, 2022 a letter from the United States of America arrived at the doorsteps of the
government of Pakistan. The letter contained a warning to the current prime minister of Pakistan, Mr. Imran Khan of PTI. The letter basically stated that Mr. Khan has to step down and the No-Confidence motion must succeed, otherwise Pakistan would have to face disastrous consequences. The reason behind the letter was, as stated by Mr. Khan in his speech yesterday (31st of March, 2022) was Mr. Khan’s visit to Russia and not joining the western nations in the current of sanctions Initiated by the United States of America following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

Who’s against who?

Following the 7th March letter, coincidently soon after a new political and a “revolutionary” coalition of the 3 major anti PTI (Pakistan Tehreek-I-Insaaf) was formed and they demanded resignation of the current ruling PM of the state, Mr. Imran Khan. Fazal-ur-Rehman, the head of the so called “Pakistani Democratic Movement or (PDM) in short and the movement’s other 2 foremost representative of the PDM, Shebaz Sharif and Maryam Nawaz, both hailing from the Pakistani Muslim League are the current faces of the opposition. The opposition and it’s correlation with the 7th March letter The greatest irony in the entire situation isn’t really regarding the corruption allegations made against Mr. Khan or even accusation made by Fazal-ur-Rehman stating that Mr. Khan is a Zionist agent, but the fact that the whole political upheaval was predicted in the 7th March letter and that it was all pre-planned is something which puts everything into the picture.

Hypocrisy of the opposition

The opposition leaders who accuse Mr. Khan of corruption, crashing the economy or even being a Zionist puppet seemingly fail to realize their own histories of corruption and disgust. From the wishes of Fazlur-ur-Rehman to lay down with an American diplomat to the harassment cases of Shebaz Sharif to Drunkenness of corruption of Maryam Nawaz, all are involved in some form of corruption whilst hypocritically making accusations on Mr. Khan. Infact, the growth the economic growth which Pakistan saw during Mr. Khan’s was practically, skyrocketing the Pakistani economy. Healthcare system was drastically improved, imports were drastically reduced and exports were drastically increased during the tenure of Mr. Khan. Sunday voting. On the 3rd of April 2022, there’s going to be a voting in the Pakistani Parliament regarding the no confidence motion and it will decide the fate of Mr. Khan’s prime minister ship. The common sentiment amongst the people of Pakistan in the favour of Mr. Khan and the public is against the PDM.

What can we do to help?

As Pakistan is going through troubled times and people are wishing for the continued tenure of the current PM, Mr. Khan it seems like at best we can try to create virtual pressure upon the Pakistani opposition and make dua for the people of Pakistan. We as Muslims are a people of action and hence we should take as many steps as possible that is within our capacity. Muslims all across the world can help keep Islam alive in Pakistan by creating awareness and coordinating social media campaigns to create awareness about the corrupt dynastic politicians that hoard wealth and create pressure among non Pakistani politicians, businessmen and other people with considerable influence to support Muslims of Pakistan.

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Pakistani Muslims are in need of dire help today. They assisted our Bosnian, Chechen, Afghan and various other brothers to ward off imperialist scums like the Americans that sought to steal our homelands, usurp our wealth and laugh joyously to the growing moral corruption and the endemic spread of materialistic and hedonistic attitudes in our societies.

We will host a Twitter, Instagram and Facebook storm with the tag #UmmahStandsWithImranKhan to show solidarity with Prime Minister Imran Khan for justice and for freedom.\

We are going to host a Twitter storm on 15th of Ramadan to show that we as Muslims of the Ummah stand for our brave heart, courageous and dedicated brothers and sisters in Pakistan that have immense love for the Deen. Share this article with as many people as possible and also please join our discord server where we are coordinating the movement to aide our brethrens that are in dire need of even the most minute support.

l #UmmahStandsWithImranKhan profile picture template for social platforms like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram

We are also making use of profile pictures to spread awareness and show solidarity and stand besides the man who spoke out against the oppression of Muslims when no other Muslim leader in the world had the guts to. Let us as Muslims show gratitude and return favour to the man that spoke out against Islamophobia in the UN when no other Muslim leaders dared to. Let us stand in solitude with this man that has tried his best to stand for Islam despite all odds.

Using meme culture to appeal to fellow Youthias

Memes are what define pop culture in today’s day and age and has been instrumental in creating awareness regarding various issues. It is capable of shaping views and captivating both the young and the old alike and makes light of these corrupt, greedy, power hungry dogs of taghut that bow down to the oppressors rather than their lord.

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And once again, I urge you to share this article to the best of your capacity anywhere and everywhere. Discord, Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all other social platforms to the best of your capacity.


Since the threat against Pakistan’s leader is being funded by the American government, we have to be wary about the increase in censorship by the platforms and drowning of our voices through bans, suspensions and other sorts of malpractices. It is absolutely unavoidable that theses platforms are going to be used as tools by the rich and corrupt politicians, warmongers, oligarchs and the Americans alike to commit genocide of dissent and vocal opposition to their international bullying of those that are not subservient to the status quo it set in the world.

As a result of this, I would love to recommend to you a project that is being worked on by my friend for an independent censorship free social media website that lets anyone voice their concerns and beliefs regardless of where they are from, who they are and what they stand for to create a world where information is free for everyone to access. You can fund his project through his Patreon by donating him there. He also made a vow that 10% of every donation and funding provided during the month of Ramadan will go to feed the poor and the needy while the rest will go to fund various other Islamic projects such as creation of educational and informative documentaries, video games, social media platform and the list goes on and on. He is also the donor that has been keeping the website alive so if you donate, your generosity is appreciated on our part as well.

Conclusion and course of action

Imran Khan, the democratically elected leader of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan is being threatened with death by malicious foreign forces and these forces are also funding the opposition since they feel very insecure about a Muslim leader that has the courage to voice concerns and fight for the rights of Muslims across the world regardless of race, culture, language and location.

In order to create awareness, we are taking various steps such as:

  1. Writing blogs and articles to make it easily linkable for others to read and also share and spread awareness
  2. Hosting social media hashtag rallies to create awareness among just people across the world and the just politicians in the United States that may not be aware of the wrong doings of the tyrannical Biden regime. (Let’s Go Brandon).
  3. Creating communities to centralise our efforts in order to properly coordinate the promotion of awareness
  4. Incentivising meme culture to create awareness about the issues and spread the message to the youth and the elderly alike through pop culture and humour involving Islamic history and not limited to.
  5. Funding alternative social media platforms where everyone has equal voice and has the right to true free speech where respectful dialogue is promoted. Free speech was never meant to shut down people for having dissenting voices and never meant to promote immorality and profanity and create distance between humanity. But rather it is meant to let people have the right to voice their concerns and thoughts without having to worry about getting penalised.

I once again highly recommend getting into our official Discord server to keep in touch.


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