We need more contributers!

We need more contributers!

It is time we announce that we have an abundance of ideas but an acute shortage of knowledgeable and well-read writers that are willing to contribute.

We have previously discussed in one of our articles about the need for volunteerism to bring positive changes to the Ummah and Humanity as a whole. On this website, we discuss and cover a wide array of topics not limited to current affairs, book reviews, historical pieces, unaddressed issues of the Ummah and many more.

We as Muslims need to strive hard towards volunteering in order to be of greater service to our communities and in order to solve the issues that we as an Ummah face today. And you can start by fixing the problem of lack of volunteerism.

The creation of this site was motivated by the urgent need for a voice. We as Muslims are responsible for our own voice. And owing to this responsibility, we seek to increase hopes of exploring ideas often not addressed by contemporary Islamic sociopolitical and religious discourse to give Muslims a louder voice in a world that misunderstands us more than ever and to express the concerns of the Muslim youth.

So we are extending our hand out to you, the readers, to help us develop this platform and share your knowledge with us and the rest of the world. Be a part of this change. NOW!

If you want to help and contributing, join our Telegram or email newsletter to communicate.

3 thoughts on “We need more contributers!

  1. Sign me up, arab Berber, Sunni and historian. It’ll be my pleasure.

    Obs: I have a Christian name but I’m not Egyptian. I’m Libyan.

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