10 Halal Ways To Get Rich

We live in the most accessible generation with respect to knowledge, tools and materials. We can now acquire the necessary tools and skills to produce and create things that would have been much more difficult a decade back and completely unimaginable a century back.

Once upon a time, YouTubers were society’s comic relief of lifeless losers that spent their time and creativity producing comedic content but today platforms like YouTube and Twitter have established themselves as the thrones for cults of personalities such as politicians, celebrities, news outlets and broadcasting companies. They have also heavily awarded people with wit and creativity for their merits and deep understanding of what people want and need. Although not always due to their creativity but rather many times accidentally fulfilling demands.

Corporates now heavily invest in social media platforms and even offer salaries for managing the platform representatives, with many franchises such as wendy’s hitting spotlights by mere Twitter gimmicks.

But we are not big corporates. We don’t have access to such overwhelming materials. So how can we get rich? Here are 10 halal ways to get rich. We are not going to be cheap and stingy like the other blogs and give you a general direction of what you NEED to do.

1. Running a YouTube channel

Many of us have tried creating and running YouTube channels many times. Ever so often we are haunted by paranoia, procrastination, and lone wolf mentality along with an extreme focus on performance rather than consistency.

In a recent study, a scientist formed two groups of people. The first group was expected to make one pot in five hours in the best way possible. The second group members were tasked with making as many pots as possible from clay without concern of making the best one.

The result was surprising. The second group ended up doing better than the first. From this, we can understand that repetition is the best form of learning. Repeating the same task enables us to focus on the deeper aspects.

Do not be demoralised by bad camera angles or bad editing or bad audio. Get habituated to publishing videos consistently.

2. Running meme or gig account

With the existence of platforms like TikTok and with hundreds of meme compilation videos, it is unreasonable that one has a shortage of content. The account does not even have to be related to memes. It can be a platform for accounts that post related to space, computer science or even side hustles.

People don’t follow you for who you are, they follow you for what you provide. If you are capable of providing great content even if the content isn’t yours, you can pretty much jump to fame with consistency and effort.

The best part of running a meme account with a large following and gathering is that you can make a living off of giving paid shout-outs. One pro tip here is that if you want to genuinely make more money, you have to pick a higher-paying niche or gigs. If your account is about luxury clothing brands, you are likely to attract that sort of a userbase and the advertisers will target you with that in mind.

3. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing. It is heard everywhere but the truth is that people never really explain how it is meant to be done. They just throw affiliate marketing as a buzzword with no context as to what it is, where and how it can be done.

Affiliate marketing is basically promoting other people’s products to get a piece of the cake, that is a percentage of the products that have been sold through your promotion. Some of the most well-known affiliate programs include Amazon Associates, eBay Partner Program and many others.

One thing people normally complain about is that you need reach to get rich through affiliate marketing. That is not precisely true because you can pay others to give shout-outs for you and offer them a piece of the cake.

4. Blogging

If you have knowledge regarding a specific niche or are willing to learn about a specific niche, why not write it down for the public to see and learn from your experience? The premise of Cyber Bedouin was precisely this initially.

We made this website in order to spread ideas and provide a platform for Muslims to learn and grow interest in various subjects such as Islamic history, and Islamic intellectualism as well as appreciate reading of books and discussing contemporary problems.

If you live in the West and can find a Western audience, then this is definitely a very lucrative way of earning money. You do have to be passionate about writing however and need to be able to update the website at least once a week.

5. Digital marketing

If you wish to find a way to print money, this is essentially the right way to go about it. It is not really free per se and you will need to be able to be a good salesman. There are many ways to undertake a digital marketing agency.

The most popular way is to cold call businesses and offers them promotion services and then post their advertisements on Facebook. You can also run a social media handle for them. However, it depends on the niche of the business as well. You won’t succeed in trying to promote supermarkets or restaurants (unless aided by celebrities or influencers).

Most targets of digital advertisements are usually service-based businesses such as spas or saloons.

6. Running a merch store

There are many examples of merch stores and you can definitely make lots of money by running a teespring store. You can start virtually free with zero costs. The best part is that you can set the pricing and everything and also make lots of money depending on the niche and the marketplace.

If you can make a niche of shirts, you can contact social media influencers with a large following and give them a percentage of the profits for the merchandise.

7. Crypto Currencies

This is probably the most controversial method yet, and blind usage can definitely cause you bigger losses than gains. It is definitely easy to get into crypto. However, in order to generate profit, you would need to be in safe and small but dedicated communities.

It is also probably the worst way to get rich in this list, I highly recommend against this if you don’t have an income stream. Investing in a single cryptocurrency is also one of the gravest mistakes one can make.

Many people say cryptocurrencies are haram as a whole but we will discuss that in some other article.

8. TikTok/short vertical video compilations

Most videos on TikTok are free for use and many channels have made massive bucks by downloading and compiling short TikTok vids and posting them to YouTube. This is probably an extremely easy way to earn a big buck for zero creativity. Please do not get the wrong impression however.

TikTok might definitely be filled with degeneracy and inappropriate content but a compilation of inspirational speeches or religious lectures and edits will definitely attract audiences as well. These are niche fields people are interested in.

9. Learning new skills

Learning skills is always profitable one way or the other. The most important aspect of learning new skills is that it enables you to capitalise on the need or demand for said skill. You can monetise your skills by:

  1. Selling services related to said skill
  2. Teaching others how to acquire said skill
  3. Using said skill to gain a fanbase or support base
  4. Using the skills as complementary to the contents you produce which generates money

10. Networking

The best way to get rich is also always the most consistent and inevitably all-rounded way to get rich. The article asked how to get rich, but it never mentioned: “get rich easy”. Networking is the best way to keep yourself afloat and create a wide range of opportunities. Humans are social beings and running a project as a lone wolf is the worst way to go about it. There is no such thing as a self-working or self-accomplished billionaire in the literal sense.

One way or the other, they had to rely on advice and support from others. They relied on other people’s wisdom, and physical, mental as well as spiritual support without which it would have been impossible for them to truly succeed. As we mentioned earlier, billion-dollar companies ever so often have thousands upon thousands of employees. Google has enough employees to be their own independent country.


There are many ways to get rich and these are the top 10 most popular but neglected halal ways of getting rich in the modern day. Muslims tend to be aloof when it comes to acquiring their wealth despite dedicating and wasting most of their youth behind schools and educational institutions with the sole intention of earning money. We discuss the corporate enslavement pioneered by the likes of John D. Rockefeller.

Speaking of profit, we get thousands of views per week and tens of thousands per month so if you are interested in getting sponsored in our next articles, don’t hesitate to contact us through our email at thecyberbedouin@gmail.com.

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