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  • 10 Halal Ways To Get Rich

    We live in the most accessible generation with respect to knowledge, tools and materials. We can now acquire the necessary tools and skills to produce and create things that would have been much more difficult a decade back and completely unimaginable a century back. Once upon a time, YouTubers were society’s comic relief of lifeless […]

  • Afghans and Islam in Bengal

    Bengal has been the centre of trade, commerce and enlightenment in the subcontinent for millenniums but little is known about how Islam became a dominant force in the region. Although from a short glance, these two nations are Two Thousand Kilometres apart. One doesn’t seem tied to the other’s history with many of its inhabitants […]

  • Is Quraysh lineage necessary for the Caliph?

    This topic has been controversial among Muslims all over the internet with sides evoking racial and nationalistic sentiments and both sides being absolutely high on emotion. Although it is true that there are ahadith that do speak about Quraysh lineage being a deciding factor for the Caliphate and legitimate Caliph, there are also ahadith that […]

  • Nalanda Monasteries: A myth of Muslim invasion

    The Abbasid Caliphate under Caliph al-Musta’sim, had 50,000 troops at its disposal to guard its capital. However, these troops were cobbled together in a hurry, leaving them ill-equipped and disorganized. The Caliph had the right to summon forces from other sultanates to defend the caliphate, but he did not do so. His arrogance had cost […]

  • The House of Wisdom: Rise and Fall of Islamic Intellectualism and Sciences

    Multiculturalism, knowledge, inventions, lingual eloquence and spirituality. These are what come to mind when we vision medieval Muslims that rapidly spread across the world within a short matter of time. Baghdad — once a centre of commerce and learning, now a region of the tumultuous political climate and humanitarian crises. What happened to once the […]

  • Bibliophiles Drought: Muslim youth and aversion to reading

    Seeking of knowledge is one of the core collective obligation that we Muslims have. Although this may apply to knowledge of the Deen as per the ulama and students of knowledge, it is also true that ilm of the dunya is complementary to the knowledge of the faith. Reading of books is one of the […]

  • Feminism and family

    It is well known that feminism has recently morphed into an indispensable tool for the government and shrewd businessmen to expand the workforce as well as increase the amount of tax the government receives. And as a result of this culture of corporate feminism, the fundamental unit of society, that is, the family is being […]

  • Education, corporate enslavement and Muslim society

    The Muslim society is the possessor of some of the most backwards societal views concerning education, livelihood and employment. Once a free society where students were rewarded and people’s qualifications weren’t backed by institutionalised certificates, now the very personification of enslavement to the education system. Among the religious Muslim, intellectual slavery and bankruptcy is all […]

  • The Religion of Peace

    The pacification of Islam has been passively promoted for a very long time in order to appeal to the modern notion of human rights. The Europeans and Americans hide behind the façade of human dignity and morals, taking a moral high ground and criticising Muslims despite indulging in these same violations push Muslims into the […]

  • The Queen, Salman Rushdie and Freedom of Speech Tirade

    There has always been a tendency the “civilised” West has always forgotten to stay clear of – and that is, conflating criticism with gaslighting and denigration of our faith. From grotesque drawings with stereotypical caricature by so called Danish and French cartoonists to displaying hideous cartoons of the prophet ﷺ on government buildings, no stone […]