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  • Muslim exclusivism, media and entrepreneurism

    We have always seen attempts at creating a Muslim alternative to what would generally be considered haram. Starting from to create a more culturally and morally relatable alternative to anime to a, a WordPress website made using the bbPress themes and plugins, there has not been any end at creating Muslim alternatives. However, […]

  • Muhammad ﷺ and Aisha’s Marriage: A Non Controversial Issue Made Controversial

    There have been a lot of questions regarding the prophet (Peace and Blessings of Allah ﷻ be upon him) which have led to lots of doubts as well as controversies. With a rise of attacks on the character of our prophet ﷺ at breakneck speed by European white nationalists, atheists, neoliberals as well as the […]

  • Islam and Modernist Political Phraseology

    As Muslims, most of us have at least once, if not multiple times in our lifetimes described ourselves as “moderate” Muslims in order to differentiate and save ourselves from the embarrassment and guilt of sharing the same faith as deviant militant groups, crusading about in the name of religion. Ever since the dawn of 9/11, […]

  • Womens history month shouldn’t exist.

    Before you hit the caps lock key on your keyboard, and oppressively tap away fighting for women I want you to hear me out. This is in no way a misogynistic or patriarchal statement. Womens history month first became an event in 1911. The UN first recognized it in 1975. Come 1980 and the world […]

  • West’s Emotional Puppet- Osama bin Laden

    So let me be a martyr, dwelling in a high mountain pass among a band of knights who, united in devotion to God, descend to face armies. Whenever Bin Laden is mentioned the gentrified post colonization mind sees the visage of a villain. Who was Bin Laden? A terrorist. Yes, but what was he before […]

  • History’s Greatest General: Reflections on Khālid ibn al-Walīd ibn al-Mughīra al-Makhzūmī

    Whenever someone asks, who was the greatest general to have ever lived? The most widespread answers you may find will be Napoleon Bonaparte, Alexander the great or maybe even Hannibal of Carthage. Although they were all great in their own right, the greatest general to ever had lived on the earth without a qualm is […]

  • The Islamic invasion of the 21st century!

    The Islamic Invasion Begins! The last few decades have seen a surge in civil unrest. Innocent civilians in war-torn countries such as Yemen, Syria and Iraq face no choice but to seek refuge in foreign lands. Thus, a migration period began with many moving to Europe, and to Asia, until finally, America. The seeming Islamic […]

  • Malaysia Startups Success: a Case Study

    The Search for Startups The Search for Startups is an ongoing series on what helps and discourages startup culture. This article will focus on the Malaysia startups boom and what we can learn from it. Malaysia has proved itself to be in the top 10-20% best countries for startups. Malaysian startups have proven to be […]

  • Cell Phone Manufacturing in Pakistan

    Cell phone manufacturing in Pakistan has exploded within the last few years producing over 12 million phones of which just under 5 million were 4G capable smartphones in the first half of 2021 alone. These cell phones are manufactured by 26 major brands from Pakistan’s own Qmobile to foreign giants like Samsung. The growing cell […]

  • How a Focus on Real Estate is Killing Startup Culture

    The Search for Startups The Search for Startups will be a new series on what helps and discourages startup culture. This week we’re focusing on how a focus on real estate investment pulls us back Within much of the Ummah today it is evident that from Morocco to Makassar startup culture is lacking behind the […]