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  • Hijab: The West’s war on modesty

    Hijab in the West’s domain is portrayed as a symbol of oppression and patriarchy. At the mere thought of women donning the hijab, liberals and post modernists automatically conclude that her husband or her father is a domestic tyrant. What we forget is that some of the women also believe that hijab is protection, hijab […]

  • Mobile Data, a Great Equaliser?

    Mobile Data, A Great Equalizer? Chances are if you’re reading this you probably have a connection to the internet, and it’s probably not too bold a claim to say that you use the internet on a daily basis. It is this very constant usage of the internet that we start to take it for granted, […]

  • Islam and Non Muslims: Is compromise of ethics necessary for mutual respect and coexistence?

    The acts of haram are in abundance today and can be observed in every aspect of life. Even if everyone indulges in committing wrong and normalising it, that should not make the action any more righteous or acceptable. To coexist with those we disagree with is not easy and at times, it may even come […]

  • Is the arrival of the Mahdi nigh?

    The Muslim world by and large has embraced the fact that our state of affairs is so weak and have individualised to such an extent that a lot of those pious among us have stopped making any efforts to drive towards change. Despite having a firm belief in the faith and regularly fulfilling their individual […]

  • Muslims should stop apocalyptifying the metaverse and just jump right into it. Here is why!

    There have been tons of controversies recently surrounding the metaverse especially among religious Muslims — many Muslim content creators and scholars branding it as a work of the dajjal and a sign of qiyamah. In this article, we explore, what, when, where and hows of the metaverse and what should the average Muslim think of […]

  • Why do Muslims migrate to Western countries?

    The far left, white supremacists, “Muslim” secularists and various ethnonationalist groups in Muslim countries always tend to bring up the question of why Muslims immigrate to secular western nations instead of going to Sharia abiding Muslim nations despite expressing favourable attitudes towards Sharia and disdain or lack of fanaticism towards secularism. This question comes with […]

  • How did Muslims Fight Against European Knights?

    originally taken from this Quora answer With this: And later on, this: It is a misconception that Muslims were lightly armored. In fact, heavy cavalry played an instrumental part in the Battle of Ain Jalut when the Mamluks defeated the Mongols. Secondly, heavy cavalry wasn’t invincible as we see in the Battle of Agincourt, […]

  • Why Every Muslim Should Read Siasatnama

    Siasatnama, “The Book of Rules for Kings.” is a book written by the great vizier, scholar and political thinker Nizam ul Mulk. He was one of the best political theorists to have ever lived. Yet, not many people, especially Muslims, know about him or his works. Legend says that when Nizam ul Mulk was a […]

  • Muslims should change their stance towards the oppressor and the oppressed of all groups. Here is why!

    Exceptional militants and revolutionaries throughout history understood that their movements were only legitimate if they truly supported the liberation of all oppressed & marginalised groups. One can never hope to liberate their own people whilst neglecting the plight of the other groups suffering at the hands of the oppressors. In order to gain credence, validation […]

  • Feminism: The Oligarchy’s and Corporate’s right hand weapon

    What is feminism? The term feminism, blankets social and political movements under the guise of an ideology that claims to raise women to the same threshold as men in all fields of society. However, this dogma deserves contention as its true intentions remain shrouded by the elitists of the past. The complementary relationship between oligarchy […]