Feminism: The Oligarchy’s and Corporate’s right hand weapon

feminism and oligarchy, corporate feminism all lead to exploitation

What is feminism?

The term feminism, blankets social and political movements under the guise of an ideology that claims to raise women to the same threshold as men in all fields of society. However, this dogma deserves contention as its true intentions remain shrouded by the elitists of the past. The complementary relationship between oligarchy and feminism is indisputable. Corporate feminism is one of the greatest enemy of a stable family in today’s day and age as a result of exploitation for workforce.

To believe that women deserve to work when there is no choice, is not inherently bad. However, the usurpers who enable feminism may not always want to alleviate the plight of the average woman. The continual promotion of women in the workplace is done with the goal of using them as additional supplements. This provides surplus manpower in the workforce to generate larger profit with respect to demand.

Oligarchy and its symbiosis with feminism

An oligarchy is a tightly knit group of people who work together to exploit the bulk of the working class. It originated with aristocracies, in which select castes or nobility ruled over the masses. However, it has since evolved further under the guise of capitalism and communism. In the ages past, it was considered chivalry not to allow women to work. Women would commonly only work if they were from impoverished backgrounds or during times of war. Working women became more common following the second world war and from there on started their exploitation by oligarchies.

The top 1% of the population, mainly the politicians and wealthy elites, exploiting the proletariat would like to have access to as much labour as possible. As a result, corporations despise the family unit. The family which requires the poor worker to deviate his attention to the mouths he has to feed and care for. Incorporating women into the workforce boosts manpower and, as a result, corporate production. This is also why corporations are often seen backing female marches and protests.

Corporate feminism is not a recent phenomenon and it can even be seen even in the early 20th century. Cigarettes were marketed as “torches of freedom” to women in a vicious campaign to promote “gender equality” as cigarettes were stigmatic for women. The project, being headed by Edward Bernays, the father of PR (And also an inspiration for Joseph Goebbels) was an overwhelming and historic success that is taught in books even today and this in no way is even the first attempt by a corporate or an oligarch to control feminism.

An intriguing aspect of businesses is that, while they enable women to work under the guise of equality, they do not provide paid maternal leave or the shortest feasible duration and compensation. This is because the corporation’s sole purpose was to profit from a statistic that suggests people are less valuable if they do not work. Working women who work in an atmosphere that is less supportive of expectant mothers are less likely to have many children because they will be unable to sustain them.

The communists themselves are not exempt from exploitation of labour regardless of gender. They have not shied away from exploiting feminism to benefit the oligarchy. Although communism claims to be for the workers, it gravely exploits them. Both men and women labour to provide for the country under a communist dictatorship. As a result, women disregard their children’s psychosocial needs, creating the ideal atmosphere for a totalitarian government to thrive. Children are less supervised while their parents are busy working.

Consequences of corporate feminism and oligarchical control

Feminists having fewer or no children results in lower birth rates leading to low or negative natural population growth which would then create a labour gap in the market. This requirement would then be filled by having more immigrants. This would in turn mean that corporations would have to pay even less for labour in the future. Thus further benefiting them by cutting the cost spent on employees.

A research article in the American Economic Journal, based in Sweden, the country leading for gender equality in Europe at the time the article was written, found that that married women had twice the probability of being divorced three years after their promotion to CEO rank compared to their males. In politics, female mayors and parliamentarians promoted after an election had twice the chances of divorce. In women who were not promoted, the chances were 15%. Woman doctors, priests and police officers who progressed in their careers showed similar statistics. There are even more correlation corporate feminism and disintegration of family.

According to Pew Research Center, the number of single father households has increased about nine fold from 1960 till 2011 and the number of single-mother households increased more than fourfold in the same time frame. These numbers only increase with more children being brought up in broken households which are a by-product of feminism being juiced by oligarchy.

You may wonder what the response to these statistics would be? The answer: an increased normalization of divorce within the generation. With the normalization and tearing of a family in one generation comes the normalization of divorce in the next generations. Marriage loses its meaning, becoming nothing more than a good economic contract for couples. Divorce rates are higher in children witnessing a parental divorce. Adults who experienced divorce as children also have a tendency towards lower education and greater employment and financial issues.

Adverse effects feminism has on children

Divorce results in children facing anxiety, resentment towards parents, anger management issues, depression and impulsive behaviour. Parental divorce has also been linked with higher rates of dropouts. It also leads to conduct disorders and delinquency. Parental divorce in younger children has been associated with higher numbers of sexual partners during adolescence. Teenagers are more likely to engage in early sexual activity and substance abuse.

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A parent may have disagreements with a particular dogma, but owing to the fact that they are less involved in their children’s lives, they may be unable to protect them from governmental brainwashing. This would lead to greater state stability at the expense of traditional values, beliefs and freedom of expression since there would be fewer transgressors with opposing beliefs. A totalitarian regime teaches its youngsters about the ‘greatness’ of its presence when the children first start attending school. An absence of a parent who teaches a child otherwise would create great ease for the governing oppressor.

Stress levels among women are 50% higher in women as per the American Psychological Association 2010 evaluation. This is not healthy for both women and for families as children will be more likely to have the stress taken out on them or neglected as a side effect of a fatigued maternal figure.


Feminism has been an economic bargain tool for corporates and oligarchy and this is not a recent event. Companies sloganeering and funding in various fields to artificially gain psychological upper hand over the people is not something new and unknown. Increase in labour does not seemingly benefit in anyways except economically and technologically although most of the benefits are economically and only for the rich and the tax collectors.

As a result of both men and women being pushed into the work force, there is little ground for a complementary family style where one manages the home while other earns for work. Due to massive rise in expenses, even in case of poor and traditional family, both genders are expected to get into the work force for basic survival, to meet their needs.

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