Islam and Non Muslims: Is compromise of ethics necessary for mutual respect and coexistence?

When the protest is ironic

The acts of haram are in abundance today and can be observed in every aspect of life. Even if everyone indulges in committing wrong and normalising it, that should not make the action any more righteous or acceptable. To coexist with those we disagree with is not easy and at times, it may even come at the compromise of certain values. These values may be minor or even core and fundamental tenets.

Either ways it is inconceivable for us to stand in favour of haram, whether it be major or minor. However, we cannot forget the importance of being a respectful person. So, where is the balance? Or are we hypocrites either way? What is the right way to act?

When it comes to the so-called modern conundrum of the LGBT population, there are many questions in the Muslim community regarding how we should treat them, if we can be a part of them, and whether we should shun them. One can easily conclude that it is impossible unless of course interacting in one of those tight internet opinion groups. As propagators or adherents of Islam in whatever capacity, one should adhere to the teachings derived from the Quran and Sunnah. There can be no compromise to what forms the basis and fundamental framework of Islamic ethics. If it hasn’t already, Islam will be extensively banned at some point.

Issues with compromising faith

Here are my statements, unminced, that come what has been traditionally existent in the teachings of Islam throughout the ages ever since the time of the prophet:

It is a great sin to support the LGBTQ+ community. But, what does supporting them constitute? It means to wear their clothes and colours and to bear their flag. To endorse their symbology as one’s own is to become indistinguishable from them and become one of them. If they make use of an attire that is a primary way they differentiate themselves from others, and that they use it to identify each other, then put those clothes down! If they hold a certain coloured flag, don’t hold it with them. A Muslim swears allegiance to no flag other than that of Islam.

“Whoever imitates a group, then he is from amongst them.” – Hadith. This is more serious and has a higher magnitude of importance than we perceive it to have. We want to fit in with the rest of society by looking the part. When people identify us as different to the norm, they ridicule us. We want to live life comfortably and happily. The ever-evolving trends in clothing, morality and behaviours appeal to us. They are nothing but a distraction to our main goal in life which is to worship Allah SWT.

Regarding the talk about sexual desires in a conversation, if a Muslim speaks about it openly with a positive undertone implying that they are not only halal but also socially acceptable, this is haram. We are expressly forbidden from talking about our past sins except under very strict circumstances, let alone to also market the sin as something acceptable and lucrative all the whilst demonising and excommunicating those that wish to stray true to Islamic teachings. (Looking at you “progressive” Muslims) Doing this will have dire consequences to the fundamental beliefs of the younger Muslim generations to come.

“We still must respect the disbelievers!” Of course, we should, but what does this actually mean? Well, an easy and obvious way is that we are not allowed to use slurs against them, physically abuse them or withhold anything from them unless they are directly confronting Islam. If they are our acquaintances and live in our country or even in the same online group, we should treat them in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. Akhlaq is a much stronger and better proponent for dawah than preaching while being an empty vessel who embodies not the ethics proper of a practising Muslim. The true Muslim is able to maintain this respect while still holding their own ground.

What should we do as Muslims?

Are you obligated to abandon your core values in order to show you aren’t ignorant of current society and its norms? No, you don’t and in fact, you may even have your own perceptions and views on why such norm could be counterproductive and outright harmful even.

Despite all of that, some Muslims will make you feel horrible for practising the true religion. They are the people who are weakening Islam. A true Muslim only seeks the pleasure of the Creator and not the creations. It means that we must present Islam truthfully as it is while still being respectful to the disbelievers without watering it down. This is a very important reminder for us to hold on to as we are the representative of this religion and what it teaches.

“There will be soon a period of turmoil in which the one who sits will be better than one who stands and the one who stands will be better than one who walks and the one who walks will be better than one who runs. He who would watch them will be drawn by them. So he who finds a refuge or shelter against it should make it as his resort.” – Hadith

There will be times when no one will listen to you. That does not in any way imply that your viewpoints are incorrect and does not diminish from the truth you fight for. However, it could be an indication that you should refrain from expressing your views. Even the strongest Muslims will feel forced to fit in during such a time of adversity. Any word can be used against them. So, what might be the point of speaking if it is simply going to damage your reputation and that of your faith? What is the point of having adversaries of Islam who are so powerful that even when they do allow you to speak, you can only say what makes them happy?


In consequence, no matter what choices you make, someone is always there judging you. If you want to maximise your bond with Islam, it should be your dignity to defend Islam with both your hold on Islamic teachings as well as the strength in your voice when you say you disagree with anything that weakens Islam. You should abstain from letting the judgement from people of differing beliefs determine your values. It is not the majority opinion that you should cater to and base your beliefs on, but rather the truth. Falsehood has no place to undermine Truth.

When people are offended by what you say, although what you say is nothing but the words of Allah, it says much more about them than it does about you. Allah tells us that He has many enemies. Allah says that He will test your response to your hardships in many ways. We must be resolute to the very end. Do not let subjective morality misguide you, but continue to follow the light of Allah wherever you see it.

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