Muslims should change their stance towards the oppressor and the oppressed of all groups. Here is why!

Child protesting against oppression against Uyghurs perpetrated by the cruel, despotic, barbaric, oppressive and backwards Chinese government

Exceptional militants and revolutionaries throughout history understood that their movements were only legitimate if they truly supported the liberation of all oppressed & marginalised groups. One can never hope to liberate their own people whilst neglecting the plight of the other groups suffering at the hands of the oppressors. In order to gain credence, validation and popular support required to fight back the oppressive opposition, one must take the light on all forms of oppression and injustice they can observe and make diligent use of any privileges at hand to fight for the cause. A privilege is present everywhere to a varying degree, as it could be that your privilege is holding certain power within the government and institutions that work alongside it. Either way, both are means from which power, money, and military could be sought in the advent of an uprising, and so that is the meaning of ‘privilege’.

But to then assert that disbelievers are inherently monolithic and classless group is to obliterate the fundamental distinctions. It is true that people of disbelief have sometimes gone hand-in-hand with oppression, injustice and superiority complex. Nevertheless, even among them, there are two characteristics which they share: The oppressor and the oppressed.

The prophet ﷺ was sent as a mercy to the worlds. According to a Hadith, Allah will not be merciful to those who are not merciful to people. The Quran also mentions that we were sent as a middle nation so that we may justly rule between the other nations of the world. Hence it is bound upon us to bring justice to the oppressed against the oppressor and peace to all peoples. This is why we should always fight by the words ‘Allah and the Prophet’ to do good deeds for all mankind.

Given the preceding facts, one would wonder why some Islamists overly detest non-Muslims all at once, given that only a minority of them despise Islam and the rest are neutral, if not sympathetic. At times they are even negligent to volunteer for their own let alone for others which is addressed in another article. Perhaps it is time to acknowledge that the people of Fatra never left and that they are waiting for us to enlighten them and present them with a solution to all of their problems, as well as a weapon to combat the true adversary – materialistic post-modernist political ideologies and moral philosophies. We must distinguish between oppressed non-Muslims and their oppressors, as well as our oppressors, else we would fail to preserve the Prophetic legacy of spreading justice and truth.

It would of course be reasonable to not advocate for LGBT, corporate feminism, communism, socialism, atheism and other ideological groups since their core and fundamental identity are in contrast to Islamic values and creed. To add to this, they are also backed by the same corporates and institutions that silence groups in a large number of places. Hence, compromise is out of the question and is an option that comes with immense detriment for the Muslim who tries to practice whilst staying true to and in accordance with the Quran and Sunnah. It is also needless to say that these groups are ever so often, promoted by agenda-driven corporates and institutions not for moral reasons but rather for gaining appealing to popular support. It is very well known that word of mouth is the most reliable form of marketing and advertisement. Supporting ideologies like feminism has been indispensable for the oligarchs.

The Chinese oppression of the Uyghurs for instance has received widespread attention among Muslims in first world countries. While the Muslim governments stay completely silent on the issue, the West has not shied away (even if out of concern for their own self-interests) and had made a much louder noise than the Muslim world in all its shame and glory, even going beyond, addressing the oppression of the inhabitants of Hong Kong and other non-Han ethnicities and cultures. The West is also willing to expend in order to not be reliant upon Chinese exports and have their own domestic products whilst the Muslim world is reliant on both the East and the west and does not make any sort of exports that would enable for it to become self-reliant and self-sustaining. It also isn’t uncommon knowledge that the oppressors within the Muslim world are complicit with those in the East, the West and beyond.

There are now a plethora of whom would say the state of this Ummah, in this particular time, has travelled deep into Fisq, and deviance – such that they declare this Ummah as ‘hopeless’. Often they say this judging off of a small sample size, but this is very much a false notion, remember that the ocean of this Ummah, the ocean of Rasul ﷺ, is only rising. What nation of 1 billion and counting has such forbearance that despite ruthless treatment from the East to West, holds tight to Taqwa, except that it is a nation facing success? The Prophet ﷺ has already mentioned to us, that we are to ignore the one who says his nation is in despair, so let us follow him and henceforth ignore those who say his nation is in despair.

We should address all sorts of oppression and tyranny conducted by the corrupt oligarchs not limited to discrimination against people of different races, cultures and beliefs. We may not be able to make any physical difference as individuals. However, it definitely is within our capacity to address atrocities and crimes committed by repressive dictatorial authorities by spreading the word. Words shape mentality. Mentality shapes views. Views shape actions. And hence it is a moral obligation upon us to start by creating awareness of the various atrocities committed by tyrants across and beyond the Muslim world and also take into account the oppression caused against non-Muslims as well.

There is no limit to the means and methods through which one can spread awareness about the plight of the oppressed and their fight for justice against the unjust oppressors that strip them off of their dignity and exploit them for their own personal and meagre gains. It is well known that corporates and prestigious institutions come hand in hand with any government let alone an oppressive government that usurps the rights of the masses. The upper echelon of these prestigious institutions and corporates aid the government in easing up the process of pressuring the oppressed majority and minority into compliance in exchange for incrementing their own prerogative. And hence we should start with criticisms against these institutions and corporates for their compliance with the oppressors in making the populace kneel down at the expense of freedom to express one’s beliefs and thoughts and at times, even being the way they are since birth.

In essence, as Muslims, we are obliged to unite against all injustice and should not hesitate but rather be obliged to provide support to the various oppressed groups against the common enemy, that are unjust despots that seek to take us down and silence our voices and we can do that through various mediums such as blockades, boycotts, articles, documentaries and investigative journalism against them to diminish their legitimacy and strengthen the voice of the poor.

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