The Islamic invasion of the 21st century!

The Islamic Invasion Begins!

The last few decades have seen a surge in civil unrest. Innocent civilians in war-torn countries such as Yemen, Syria and Iraq face no choice but to seek refuge in foreign lands. Thus, a migration period began with many moving to Europe, and to Asia, until finally, America. The seeming Islamic invasion had begun.

Media and news sources across America and Europe have increasingly and purposefully grown this image of the Muslim onslaught coming to end western civilization. With carefully picked symbolism and appealing to emotion rather than reason, the media have painted this wave of migration into an invasion.

The minarets that are often portrayed as a sign of the "Islamic invasion"
The minarets of the Aya Sofia

Unfortunately, there has been a constant issue of racism in America with ties all the way back to the Transatlantic Slave Trade in the sixteenth century. Muslims were not spared by the racial onslaught. Especially following the attacks on the World Trade Centres and terrorist attacks by Al-Qaeda.

In fact, to this day, western media are embedded with ridiculous anti-Islamic doctrines. All in attempt to tarnish the image and slander innocent Muslim communities through concrete propaganda disguised as facts and reality. We, as a society, are forced to endure these deceiving painting of an “Islamic invasion”

Examples include a Swiss advertisement and an episode of the satirical show Who is America. Implementing symbolism, pathos and tone to depict Muslims as barbarians and a precursor to “the Fourth Reich”.

Spears Through the Flag!

With the rise of this supposed “Islamisation”, anti-Islamic organisations foolishly attempt to deceive us. By embedding symbolism within their preferred mode of operations. This technique allows the author of the text to provide a hidden meaning. In the case of attacks against Islam, it is a dangerous “weapon”.

If you look at the Swiss ad, it manipulates the idea of a minaret. A symbol for calling others to prayer, twisting it into an idea similar to spears tearing through the Swiss flag. Piercing it as if minarets were reshaping the core meaning of the Swiss identity. To represent a minaret as a spear would give the same connotation to Muslims attending prayers, making it seem as if they are gathering to plan an Islamic invasion.

Thing that is even worse is the incorporation of the woman with the Niqab. Depicting her as a scary “creature” ready to push a button and blow up nearby stragglers as the second big bang. It’s even scarier when we see in the episode of Who is America from genuine reactions of a group of, naturally, white Americans being told the largest mosque outside of the Middle East is being constructed on their doorstep.

They fear, they yell, at what? A mosque? How terrifying! It goes to show how damaging symbolism can be. Mainstream media uses these brainwashing concepts to promote a completely biased and unadulterated fallacy. Even going further to incorporate pathos to connect with their audience.

The Victim Card!

The influence of Western media is horrifyingly massive. Even a single syllable sends ripples through to the most foreign lands, spreading rumours, speculation and misinformation. Many times, misinformation is a result of the source of information using pathos. Appealing to the readers’ emotions, basically blinding them from the “painful” truth.

Unfortunately, those whose only news source is the five o’clock Fox News are unsurprisingly led astray by these mediums. Blindly attacking Islam because some redneck, neckbeard reporter told them that the “Moslems are taking over ‘Murica”. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Take a look back at the Swiss “ad”.

They sank to such a low level to make these amusing accusations. Using such words as “ISLAMISATION” and “RADICALISM” to invoke fear and panic to the reader. You can see this recurring theme in Who is America as one of the audiences over exaggerating, going as far to say, “just the word ‘mosque’ scares you”. Scary to whom? Aliens?

They make it seem like a mosque is a breeding ground for terrorists. This really airs how far we’ve come as a society. From clueless cavemen marveling at the sight of fire to the Roman auxiliaries that ruled over the entirety of Europe. Then to people who refuse to accept the truth and would throw anything, and anyone, under the bus to inflate their sham of an ego.

This is the damage of misinformation of media, especially as they incorporate these tactics and techniques to spread their wild and moronic ideals. The scary part being they can use tone to cement their baseless claims and “information”.

The Pleading Waste

With growing anti-Islamic sentiment that we can see on our little gadgets, Western media outright slanders Muslims and Islamic beliefs treating it as if it was all the teachings of the devil. Such an outrageous claim makes you wonder, how do people even fall for this? Tone.

Tone is the key to which unlocks the audience’s mind and thoughts. Similar to pathos, with the right tone, any message will come across to the reader, and as such is a dangerous weapon one can wield. In these “advertisements”, we can clearly take notice on the capitalization and the sheer boldness of the text that whoever authored this really wanted to emphasize the “certainty” of an invasion of Muslims, which is very close to none.

In fact, this case can also be heard in the comedy show episode as the same audience gets all so serious and start yelling at the top of their lungs in rejection of the construction, let alone the idea of even thinking of a mosque. These people will use their tone in a way that would connect to you and make you be sympathetic, lull you into a false sense of security.

Such blindness and ignorance really make one question society, when a simple belief gets twisted and manipulated by clueless and frankly bigoted organisations just because there is a slight growth of Muslims in America. How pathetic. If only they could open their ears a little longer.

These techniques: tone and pathos, are unfortunately powerful tools which deceive people into falling in line with these extremist and ludicrous ideals made by low-life individuals. 

The Full Retreat!

As Muslims take flight to Western countries seeking refuge, many must work on the land they live to survive and be together as one Islamic community. Unfortunately, media organisations have taken it upon themselves to “expose” Muslims for what they allegedly are: harbingers of some “Islamic invasion”

We can see them desecrate the public image of Islam through defiling its followers through what they say advertisements, and what they really are, propaganda. Instances of these pop up in mediums such as on billboard advertisements, TV ad breaks, radio intermissions and in TV shows, such as the Swiss advertisement and the episode from Who is America.

Both texts strategically place devastating techniques, including symbolism, pathos and tone in an attempt to persuade the audience to flip sides and follow their ridiculous conspiracies. We, as a society, are forced to endure these corpses with one working brain cell, when all of this could be prevented if we just showed the truth to everyone the message can reach.

The evidence is presented, all they must do is to decide whether they accept it, or they deny it, and those who deny it are the truly deaf in this world.

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